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Too many young athletes suffer unnecessary repetitive strain injuries. Progressive training with long term success in mind can help to reduce the incidence of repetitive injuries and help to enhance athletic performance. Our approach at Play Strong Athletics allows athletes to train with purpose to keep them at their best during their athletic endeavors.

Sports Performance Training
Athletes looking to; make a team, stay healthy throughout the entire season, get an edge on their competition or even learn how to work out are all perfect candidates for sports performance training. Quality movement, tremendous technique and posture are corner stones of our sessions. We put more emphasis on how an exercise is done compared to how many times it is done. Athletes will enjoy and benefit from using an array of tools including ViPRs, sled, our throwing wall and Synrgy360. We train smart and work hard. Sports performance training groups are assembled based on age/ability, sport or friends/family.

Corrective Exercise/Manual Therapy
Athletes looking to remove performance inhibitors and clients looking to get out of pain and get back to the activities they love are prime candidates for corrective exercise and manual therapy. We will perform a thorough assessment beginning with the Functional Movement Screen to identify any restrictions in mobility, deficits in stability or opportunities to enhance motor control. Often times the source of pain, tightness, weakness or discomfort is not at the actual site of the symptom. Restoring muscular balance, aligning posture and repairing coordination will help to unlock your physical potential. 12 year olds with sore arms or knees, 15 year olds looking to make a select team and 45 year olds looking to return to running (or any other activity) all will benefit significantly from corrective exercise and manual therapy services. These sessions are experienced one on one, one to three times per week for 30-55 minutes after an initial full assessment. These sessions can supplement small group training by allowing us to focus on addressing each client and athlete’s individual needs. Already seeing a Chiropractor, Physical Therapist, Acupuncturist, Massage Therapist or another practitioner? Let us know and we can coordinate our approach.

Personal Training
If you are looking for one on one attention to help you reach your sports performance, rehab or health/fitness goals, our personal training services can help. You will start with an in depth assessment, which includes the Functional Movement Screen, to help us build a program specific to you and your needs. Sessions range from 30-55 minutes. Most clients looking to accomplish a specific goal choose to come in at least twice per week. Clients looking to accelerate their results will come in 3-4 times per week, taking advantage of both one on one and small group training sessions.

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