Ice hockey may be the greatest sport on earth. Strength, speed, coordination and power are needed to compete at a high level. In order to develop these athletic attributes a solid foundation of  joint mobility and core stability are a must. Joints must be able to move through their designed range of motion symmetrically on both side of the body (joint mobility) and the center of our bodies must be able to hold stiff and efficiently transfer forces from the lower body to the upper body and back again (core stability).

Our programs begin with an assessment to determine if there are any deficits in joint mobility (sometimes thought of as range of motion), core stability and the coordination of fundamental movement patterns. All hockey players programs are individualized to optimize their mobility, stability and coordination. These are the bedrock of a successful strength and conditioning program.

Players will learn flexibility and warm-up techniques that they can use before they lift as weight or step on the ice. Leg strengthening and power develop exercises will be taught to maximize their skating ability and enhance their endurance during games. Upper body strength will be maximized to enhance skating, shooting and checking. Conditioning is included as the season approaches to develop leg and cardiovascular endurance when age appropriate.


Workouts are progressed over time to meet the abilities of each player. Technique and competence are points of emphasis so players can learn life long self care and training habits.

Equipment often used during workouts include:



-medicine balls

-training ropes

-sled (pushing pulling and crawling)

-cables, bands, tubing




-slide board

-free weights

-foam rollers

-rowing machine

-Air bike

Metro West Ice Hockey Training

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